Moving Storage Solutions

Your Ultimate Solution for Packaging Problems


Items sometimes need to be stored for various reasons, such as if no one is available to receive them or if you need them delivered in advance to be picked up later.

To cater to such needs, we offer our Moving Storage Solutions services, which provide you with storage space at our secure facility.

All items stored will be kept in proper storage that meets privacy and security as we value your trust and aim to give you the best convenience.

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About Our Moving Storage Services

Our Storage Solutions offer you a space within a private container where we can store the items that you need kept safe, transported, or picked up.

These are all kept in a safe facility that is monitored by a CCTV system along with personnel to make sure that your items are always safe.

We have different storage sizes that you can choose from and multiple plans that you can avail yourself of depending on what you need to be stored and how long it will be kept there.

Our Storage Solution Features

Safe Transport

You can expect that any items that you need to be stored will be brought safely to our facility where they will be handled with care.

We guarantee that whatever condition your items were in when they were picked up will be the same once you retrieve them.

CCTV Monitored Facility

To ensure the safety of your items, we have a CCTV system set up that covers all of the storage units within our facility.

Aside from the CCTV system, we have alarm systems to alert personnel whenever there is unwanted tampering of a storage unit.

Flexible Storage Plans

Instead of charging you with fixed plans that you may not end up consuming, we offer multiple plans to provide you with the best convenience.

You get to choose the size of the storage that you need based on what you need to be stored as well as the duration of how long your items will be kept all at an affordable price.

The Benefits of Choosing Move For Less Removals as Your Interstate Removalist

Short Term Storage

When your items need to be packed and stored for a short amount of time, you can make use of our short-term storage solutions.

These rental storage units are ideal for buying you extra time in case your items cannot be moved into another home or if you need time before deciding where they need to be brought.

We can keep your items in our rental storage unit until you figure out where you want us to bring the packed items where we will also help you unload and unpack them.

Long Term Storage

If you are unsure of when you need your items delivered or need them stored for later, you can always make use of our long-term storage plan.

This allows you to keep several items in a rental storage unit for a prolonged period depending on how long you need them stored.

This works well if you are yet to move from one place to another or if you need long term storage space for items that have nowhere to be transported.

Benefits of Storage Solutions

Making use of our Moving and Storage Solutions is a great way to make sure that your items have a place to be stored when they are to be moved.

This can be helpful when there is no one to receive the items or when you need them temporarily set aside before moving to a new location.

Our storage units are guaranteed to be safe, and we can assure you that only those who are authorized will be able to access the units.

Storage Solutions Costs

When it comes to providing you with the convenience of our Storage Solutions, we want to make sure you get more than what you pay for.

Our team will make sure to provide you with all the best options and may even suggest what to choose to accommodate your needs and help you cut down on costs.

All costs from our services will be disclosed when you get a quote or speak with our team as we wish to provide you with transparent prices and fair treatment.